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Welcome to Wellness Synergy UK

Our goal at Wellness Synergy UK is to guide you to better health, increased energy and longevity, by the use of the very best natural health solutions.

We do this by first providing you with a Health Check which is then followed by a specially prepared treatment programme, designed to address any health issues that you may have.

Each treatment programme is fully customised to the individual and is devised to achieve optimum results.

Our approach is from a natural health perspective and we only use natural solutions that are backed by science – those that have been researched and are most likely to work. These include:

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Therapeutic Massage

Why Should You Consider Having A Health Check?

If you have an existing health problem that is not responding to conventional medical treatment, you may find the solution in an alternative approach.

Alternative medicine uses a holistic viewpoint and its aim is to uncover the underlying causes of an illness or disease. Once a problem is identified it can then be addressed using one or more of the therapeutic methods listed above. Each of these aim to restore and rebalance the functioning of any affected organs or body systems.

The primary focus in natural and alternative medicine is on finding the cause of the problem, rather than just the removal of symptoms such as pain or inflammation.

What Can You Expect During A Consultation?

During the Health Check advisor will take you through a questionnaire, which is designed to highlight any issues. Following this they may need to do a simple physical examination. It is recommended that loose clothing is worn that can be easily removed if necessary. The examination may include: assessing body areas (by visual or tactile means), reading the pulse, tongue analysis, saliva test, urine test, etc… (The advisor will seek your permission, and your wishes will be respected at all times.)

Treatment Options

Individual Treatment Programme

Once the Health Check is concluded the advisor will suggest a treatment plan. One or more of the above treatment options may be recommended as the best course of action. These will be discussed with you during the consultation and you will also be given an indication of what you can expect should you follow the recommendations.

In addition to this you will be given a guide as to how many sessions you will require and any supplements or herbs that you will need to take to support the treatment.

How Much Is The Health Check?

As a promotional offer the price of the Health Check has been set at an affordable cost of £30.

This includes:

A one-to-one session with a wellness advisor during which they will:

  • Conduct a Questionnaire
  • Perform a Physical Examination
  • Devise a Treatment Programme

(Treatment and supplements are not included)

Booking An Appointment

You can book a Health Check by filling out the online form below or by contacting us directly by email or phone. Should you prefer to speak to one of our advisors, please ring the number on this page.

All of our therapists and practitioners are fully qualified and have many years experience in dealing with most health problems. These may range from simple ailments to other more serious conditions.

We look forward to helping you to achieve better health,

From All of Us at Wellness Synergy UK

Treatments and Therapies

Meet Our Team

Wellness Advisor
& Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Dilys W Y Chan

Traditional Chinese Medicine
& Acupuncturist

Dr. Y H Jia

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Dr. Lucy J Y Duan


Sabrina Moied

Holistic Therapist
(Natural Therapies)

Shirley Chan

Nutritional Therapist

Manhu Turpin

Wellness Advisor
& Wellness Advisor & Raynor Massage Therapist

Sara Yusuf

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