Let’s talk about you

There’s lots of information online about holistic therapies and you may have an idea about which one is right for you. That’s a great start, but let’s take a step back for a second.
Our wellness specialists are trained to examine the entire person in great detail, using a holistic approach, and often this results in discovering a different root cause to the problem you are having. Or maybe there are other areas of your health and happiness we can improve along the way?
Sounds great, right? Our initial health check will set us on the right path to treating you in a way which is quick and effective. Maybe we choose a combination of treatments, or perhaps we focus on one issue at a time, but rest assured you will be in the safest of hands.

What happens in the health check?

We will go through a detailed questionnaire with you, designed to pick up all the information we need. We’ll cover your diet, exercise, lifestyle and current stress points. Then, we might want to examine you physically, so be sure to wear loose clothes which are easy to remove. We use a variety of diagnostic techniques, based on Chinese Medicine theory, such as hearing, touch, sight and smell to discover the root source of your health concerns. This could include looking at your skin, eyes, tongue, feeling your abdomen and checking your pulse.
Embarking on a new health journey can be daunting, but you are guaranteed a warm and genuine welcome and your wishes and privacy will be respected at all times.


Meet your therapists