Could holistic therapies support your recovery?

With NHS waiting lists and budgets more stretched than ever before, many people with a diagnosis of either an acute or chronic illness are turning to the benefits of holistic therapies to relieve symptoms, manage pain and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

However serious your diagnosis and no matter whether your ailment is long term or due to injury, selecting the right holistic therapy, or combination or therapies, could dramatically improve your outlook.

Here at Wellness Synergy UK, we only partner with therapists who are highly experienced and can work alongside medical practitioners in devising complementary therapies which will support your journey back to health.

Just some of the acute and chronic illnesses we improve include:

  • Stress and anxiety including phobias and depression
  • Diabetes, allergies, IBS and any other digestive problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and auto-immune conditions
  • Asthma and cardiovascular problems
  • Eczema, acne and other skin conditions

You are always in control

Often a journey back to health can be long and upsetting. Our centre welcomes you into comfortable surroundings in which we will conduct a holistic and non-invasive health check which will enable us to recommend the right holistic treatment path for you.

Your wishes and privacy are respected at all times and we will always explain our recommendations and treatments to you in detail.