Holistic beauty

Completely organic skincare for radiance and inner health

Are you feeling unhappy, tired or under the weather? Chances are it’s written all over your face. Our skin is a living organ, so when our lifestyle, emotions or health are off balance, our skin loses its vibrancy and energy.

Understanding that the skin is an organ just like our heart and other vital parts, holistic beauty uses 100% natural ingredients to feed our skin the right nutrients in order for it to thrive. Helping to radiate energy whilst reducing acne and other imperfections along the way.

The skin has deep connections to the tissue beneath through blood vessels, metabolic exchanges and the lymphatic system. Holistic beauticians believe that feeding the skin healthy ingredients has a positive effect not just on the skin itself, but on our health and wellbeing as a whole.


What do we achieve with holistic beauty here at Wellness Synergy UK?


Holistic beauty for us can be about the treatment of acne and skin imperfections. But it can also be about bringing about skin deep wellness. We restore radiance and that all important glow which can be lost when life gets on top of you and each holistic beauty convert helps in the movement towards less chemical and plastic waste.

What should I know before starting my holistic beauty journey?

  • We need to feed our skin to keep us looking young, glowing and healthy
  • Holistic beauty often complements other holistic treatments for complete wellness
  • We will analyse your skin to suggest the most suitable treatment
  • You are what you eat, we can suggest the best foods for clear skin


One of the oldest forms of healthcare in the world, fine needles are inserted at very specific and powerful points across the body to alleviate a variety of problems from stress to chronic pain, infertility, migraines and much more.


Therapeutic massage

Improve mobility and mental clarity by releasing tension from the deepest layers of the tendons, muscles and ligaments. Deep tissue massage is used for the treatment of stress and anxiety as well as chronic pain and joint stiffness.


Holistic beauty

Health and beauty are intrinsically linked. Nourish and feed your skin with natural ingredients rich in antioxidising vitamins and minerals. Improve acne and regain an energised, fresh complexion by caring for your skin as the vital organ that it is.


Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years to prevent, diagnose and care for a wide range of health conditions. Maintaining a balance of your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health.

Nutritional therapy

Combat chronic health conditions or just improve your general health by using nutritional therapy alongside other therapy solutions. Remove toxins from your diet and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating and supplementary nutrients, for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Herbal therapy

Maintain health and correct health problems with the power of plants. Medical herbalists use plants, plant parts or extracts to mix a herbal remedy which is exactly right for your therapeutic journey.


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